8.8.2015 | Rio, Injury, Crash

After Hamburg I spent a nice and busy few days at home in Bratislava where I could meet with my friends and family again.
Despite the workload, I tried to keep fit and heal my aching foot (tibialis posterior tendon syndrome).
Physio & Care Medical Center helped me with the therapy, for what I want to say a big Thank you.
I traveled to Rio with a plan to test the same route as it will be next year at the Olympics.
With minimal running training I was still hoping that I'll be able to collect good points for the Olympic qualification ranking. Until I fell over of my bike, the race ran according to my idea.
At the start,  Alistair hold one place next to him, so I knew that we can work together from the start.
I felt pretty good in the water and got overtaken by Schoeman 
just at the exit from the water.
On the bike we worked in a group of eleven until Alesandro Fabian entered into pothole in the middle of the road in the second round and lost control of his bicycle, what caused his downfall. Because I had kept just behind his wheel, I couldn´t  avoid my own fall any longer, even after I tried to jump over him :).
I was travelling with my good friend Zajko (Peter Králik), who helped me with everything what  was needed. His presence was invaluable especially after my fall, when they took me to the hospital and he arranged everything I needed, together with our Brazilian  friend Patricia.
I am now back in Leeds, recovering from the fall. "Thanks" my sore  ribs and the persistent foot pain, I can now only ride a bike, swim and run easily on a water treadmill. Fortunately, excellent physiotherapists and the British Triathlon Federation help me with everything I need.
My start in Stockholm is questionable, but I hope to give myself together as soon as possible, and that I will be able to show the best of myself in Edmonton and Chicago.

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