24.4.2016 | WTS CAPE TOWN

Back in the top ten!
It was a very chaotic race today.
The start of my swimming didn't go as I had planned and felt at all. Immediately after the start I found myself in the middle of bunch of other triathletes and I found out what it is to be more under the water than above the water in the first 500 meters and it was all about finding my position rather than swimming.
Fortunately I got to the edge in last 250 meters and somehow I managed to overtake about 20 of them and get completely on the top and come out of the water first.
On the bike we tried to keep the lead as long as possible before the second group.
Fortunately everyone worked very hard.
In the second transition area I made a small mistake and that's why I ran out of it in bad position.
The running was basically only the time trial and I tried to get to the finish line as quickly as possible and fight for the best possible place.
Thank you all for your support and encouraging me.
Thanks to my partner for allowing me to compete at top world triathlon events and Magdalena for her patience, tremendous support and love :)
Tomorrow, I fly home to rest a bit and then back to work !
Keep on rockin´!!

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