1.6.2015 | WTS London - result

The race on sunday, unfortunately, didn't go exactly according to my idea. From the beginning I did not feel good but I still believed that the result can be good. I climbed out of the water just behind Schoeman from South Africa, and I tried a quick transition and wanted to be on my bike as soon as possible.
A group of around 18 was created in the front, where I tried to work hard in order to secure as many seconds as possible from the other groups, where were the fastest running competitors. That's why I was confident for a good result.
After the 1st round, however, I noticed that I can hardly move forward and I could hold in the group only with difficulty. I thought that I got a small plastic bag into my chain. After stopping and looking at my bike, I found out that I have a technical problem, which I can not identify. Because I couldn't solve this problem by myself I resigned from the race, as it is hard to ride a broken bike.
Now I have to carry on with a hard training and preparation for the 1st European Games in Baku in two weeks where I want to correct the taste and transform the training into a nice result.
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